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Boteco do Seres: Benjamin R

Benjamin R (2009) The Other Side Of Nowhere

'The Other Side Of Nowhere' é o álbum de estréia de Benjamin R, a.k.a. Robert Selvaggio, cantor, compositor e produtor (Jewel, Eagle Eye Cherry, Puddle Of Mudd), nascido em Tallahassee, Florida.

Os destaques são 'I Don't Need This Anymore' e This Time (I Hope You're Happy)'.

Benjamin R - voice, guitar, bass, keys and various other things that make noise.

01. Quit 04:14
02. Tell Me I'm Wrong 04:39
03. Falling Apart 04:28
04. History 3:08
05. Not Gonna Let You Go 03:06
06. Fool Myself 03:45
07. Beautiful (Ugly Now) 03:46
08. Time Is Running Out 03:44
09. I Don't Need This Anymore 03:51
10. This Time (I Hope You're Happy) 04:08
11. Letters 02:49
12. The Hunger (Bonus Track) 04:29

[RS] [100MB @320kbps]

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