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The Four Horsemen . Nobody Said it Was Easy

The Four Horsemen (1991) Nobody Said it Was Easy
[southern rock]

Frank C. Starr - vocals
Dave Lizmi - guitar
Haggis [aka Kid Chaos] - guitar
Ben Pape - bass
Ken "Dimwit" Montgomery - drums

Track list:
1. Nobody Said It Was Easy 4:16
2. Rockin' Is Ma' Business 4:38
3. Tired Wings 5:36
4. Can't Stop Rockin' 2:20
5. Wanted Man 3:29
6. Let It Rock 5:13
7. Hot Head 3:27
8. Moonshine 3:43
9. Homesick Blues 2:33
10. 75 Again 2:31
11. Lookin' for Trouble 2:30
12. I Need a Thrill / Somethin' Good 8:04

Download [SB] [66MB]

"Nobody Said it Was Easy", gravado em 1989 e lançado em 1991, é o primeiro álbum da banda americana de southern rock The Four Horsemen.

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neu disse...

this is so amazing ...
thank you so much for your work, man !


Ser da Noite disse...

You're welcome, Neu. Stay tunned.
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Anonymous disse...


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Ser da Noite disse...

De nada, anônimo. Apareça sempre.
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Anonymous disse...

Been looking for this forever. Thank you!

Ser da Noite disse...

You're welcome, anônimo. Enjoy it.
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Pat disse...

Thank you:-) Another amazing band from my younger years & they sound like early AC/DC? Still amazing after all the years.