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Point Blank . Point Blank

Point Blank (1976) Point Blank
[southern rock]

Rusty Burns - guitar
Kim Davis - guitar
John O'Daniel - vocals
Buzzy Gruen - drums
Phillip Petty - bass

Track list:
1. Free Man 5:09
2. Moving 3:13
3. Wandering 5:19
4. Bad Bees 2:31
5. That's the Law 3:41
6. Lone Star Fool 4:17
7. Distance 5:12
8. In This World 3:12

Download [SB] [64MB]

Point Blank foi uma banda americana de rock 'n' roll, originada no Texas. A banda, formada em 1974 e descoberta por Bill Ham (ZZ Top, Hank Williams Jr), lançou seis álbuns entre 1976 e 1982.

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karo disse...

hi there, somewhere in the blogworld.

you do a great work and I appreciate your good musical taste.

greetings: rob

Ser da Noite disse...

Thanks for the comments, Rob. Stay tunned.
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Anonymous disse...

This is a great band ! thx very much for letting me discover them

Mickey P. disse...

This is a hard band to find and I am very grateful for your 'share'. I'm actually searching for the Firing On All Six album so this is a bonus. A new album to listen to. Thanks!

Ser da Noite disse...

Hi, Mickey.

You can find more Point Blank at Collective Collection:

I'll post the 'Firing On All Six' here. Stay tunned.

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Mickey P. disse...

Thanks for the heads up my friend. Just realised I was talking C-rap? American Excess is the album I'm after (featuring Nicole, I believe?). Firing On All Six is the Lone Star album, also seriously good music.

Mick ;-)

Ser da Noite disse...


I read your comment in Collective.
I'm glad you have found the discography of Point Blank. Enjoy it!
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